Taking life one square at a time

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, with clear, crisp air, and plenty of sunshine, and when the day was done, I found I had lived it one square at a time.

The first order of business for me was to get to the post office to send some of the items I have completed this month. The birthday rug went to my oldest, the fat bag went to the wife of a friend, and the many African Flower hexagons went to Kansas, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, and California.

Additionally, I found a hat that had been completed in late August, and two sets of really cute buttons that also needed to be sent out.

I packed as much of it as I could at home, then headed to the post office, packing tape, scissors, and Sharpie pens in hand, so that I could get two medium flat rate boxes I needed for some of the things I was sending out.

After the boxes were sent, my youngest son and I went out for a celebratory lunch, after which, we returned home, and I resumed work on my unfinished projects.

I began my day in crochet with a bit of tidying up.

Having found a half-dozen scraps tangled in the yarn I am using for my go-go granny dress, I decided that I would crochet it into my great-granny square:

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My great scrap yarn granny square

While doing so created another dozen ends to be woven in on this project, it also meant that the yarn scraps I used can no longer get tangled in the yarn I need for the go-go granny.

But soon, I felt the need to turn my attention to the project that I now think of as “The Dress.”

My youngest son’s cat and I do not agree on much, but we do agree that this dress is a must have; the difficulty comes in that each of us thinks that it is our sole property. I don’t think it belongs to the cat, and she doesn’t thing it belongs to me. We are each convinced that the other is trespassing. I am certain I am right, but possession, it is said, is nine-tenths of the law, and my cat clearly had me beat today on the matter of possession:

crochetbug, crochet squares, granny squares, granny square dress, crochet dress, crochet square
Stripes the cat surveying her domain

In between hollow attempts to keep the cat away from my work, and doing a few non-crochet things in preparation for Thanksgiving Day, I did at least manage to add these four squares to those I had already made, and each of these squares had been worked one square at a time in an effort to not lose track of where I was.

Four new granny squares worked one square at a time
Four new granny squares worked one square at a time

Tomorrow is a new day, albeit a busy one with much of the time already spoken for, but I am betting I can get at least one more square completed.