I learn to crochet a spiral

For anyone who has seen this photo of the bookshelf unit I have dedicated to crochet books:

crochet books on an ikea billy
My crochet bookcase after a small bit of purging and some reorganization

it might not seem possible that I would need yet another crochet book. But be that as it may, yesterday, after lunch and before my son’s trumpet lesson, I headed over to JoAnn Fabric and Craft with the hope that a book I had eyed several days earlier had not been sold.

To my great relief, it was on the shelf seemingly where I had left it. I picked it up, got in line, made my purchase, and headed to the trumpet lesson.

Once we arrived home, I needed to take some photos while there was still daylight and then make dinner. With all the tasks of the day that remained, I did not get a chance to open the book. This morning, however, I awoke to one of those rare and delightful weekends where I had no obligations to meet, no practices to drive to, no shopping to be done.

The first thing I did after pouring a cup of coffee was to grab my new crochet book. The title promised a lot:

ultimate crochet bible crochet bible
My new crochet book

I opened it to see if it would deliver on the promise.

My first stop was page seventy-four which the index indicated was the page where I would find directions for how to make a two-color spiral which was the primary reason I had purchased the book.

Once I made my way to page seventy-four, I surveyed the instructions. I would need a hook, two colors of yarn, and a stitch marker.

I had no trouble locating the hook or the yarns I would use, but the stitch marker was another matter. I tend to use scraps of yarn to mark increases and in crochet one does not often leave a loop dangling, so it took a couple of anxious moments of sorting through a small case where I store such things before I found what I needed.

Once I had the tools and materials I needed, I read the directions given on page 74 and got busy:

start of a crochet spiral
I start a two color crochet spiral using directions from Jan Crowfoot’s Ultimate Crochet Bible

To my amazement, I experienced success for another five rounds:

cochet spiral crochet circle
I make progress on my first successful crochet spiral ever

I haven’t had a chance to look over the rest of Ms. Crowfoot’s compendium, but if the directions for the spiral are any indication, this may well be one of my most useful crochet book purchases ever.

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4 thoughts on “I learn to crochet a spiral

    1. @Dawn, Now that I know how, I love making them. I need to get the details worked out for a spiral for a particular project I am working on, but these directions made it easier than I thought It would be. Too.much.fun. Also, love that picture of Phoebe looking at you so adoringly as you stand next to the treat jar.

  1. I also have this book and I have to say it is THE best crochet book I have found to date. IMO nothing else compares for its’ clarity and comprehensiveness.

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