I make modest progress on the granny square inspired basket

Yesterday much of the day was given over to making sure that my youngest son was ready for his graduation ceremony, so of necessity, my work on my crochet was brief.

But today, with my son and his classmates graduated, I turned my attention to the granny square inspired basket that I am hoping will bring order to the chaos that is my winter scarves, gloves, and hats, and while I did not make progress as substantial as I would have liked, I was pleased with how the basket began to take shape.

In the last “episode” of my blog, I had finished work on the base of the basket-to-be:

very slight progress on a granny square crochet basket
The base of a granny square basket to be

Yesterday and today I wove in all of the renegade ends, and I began to ever-so-slowly work my way up the sides. Here is an overview of how far I got:

a view of the interior of the granny square crochet basket
An overview of the new granny square inspired storage basket to be

and here is a side view:

I make progress granny square crochet basket by trimming all of the ends
A side view of the same crochet basket

I got a bit stymied as to what color should come next and was feeling in a bit of a hurry and did not want to make a mistake which I would have to frog, but tomorrow, with hook in hand and an assortment of yarns at my side, I will stop worrying about making a mistake that must be undone, and I will move forward (and frog if I must) one stitch at a time.


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  1. My mind is running in circles trying to figure out how you were able to climb the sides!!!! Love this!!

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