I make progress on my cat bag

Yesterday I again found myself in a waiting room, and while I waited, I crocheted the second handle, joined it to the body of the bag and wove in and trimmed the remaining ends. here is how it looked when I was done fussing with it:

crochet cat bag
My first finished crochet cat bag

While there are many things I liked about the bag, I found that it had less structural integrity than has been my goal, so as soon as I finished this first effort, I moved on to my second effort.

Using a 5.5 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver light raspberry, I made a new, firmer base that was also a smaller diameter than my first effort despite having the same number of rounds.

When I finally began crocheting the side of the bag, I switched to a still smaller hook with the hope that the result would be a firmer bag.

I also used a rainbow of solid pastel colors as I learned from using the variegated yarn in my first effort that the variegation obscures, to some degree, the design of the graphic cat.

By the time sunset was nearing, I had finished the body of the bag.

Here it is laid out flat:

rainbow crochet cat bag
The rainbow crochet cat bag laid flat

and here it is standing upright without any yarn to support it:

rainbow crochet cat bag
The nearly completed rainbow cat bag

I was satisfied with this second effort because except for the as-yet-to-be completed (and attached) handles, I had accomplished everything I had hoped to with this second effort.

I still need to figure out what to do for the handles and decide how to attach them, but come tomorrow morning, I plan to  finish not only the cat bag , but the cat bag tutorial so that anyone who feels the need for a cat bag can make one.

4 thoughts on “I make progress on my cat bag

  1. Ooh… I like that. I particularly like the rainbow colouredness. And you have cleverly managed to make it firmer! I might need to try making one of these once you do your tutorial!

  2. Lovely!!! I see it more as a handle less vase into which glass is inserted! Would very much like a pattern!

  3. The rainbow one definitely showcases the cats better. Love how it looks.

    (p.s. is one of the purple cats missing a paw?)

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