Did you say, taco purse?

This past Friday, I finished the rainbow cat bag I had begun and started thinking about my next project, and what I found myself thinking was this: “Did you say taco purse?”

But before I could move onto a taco purse I photographed the cat bag:

crochet cat bag crochet cat tote
A pastel crochet cat bag

and put together a dedicated page for this cat bag tutorial so that anyone who needed to make one could.

So when I got up this morning, I was ready to get to work on a future crochet taco purse.

Inspired to some degree by this Mark Jacobs Bijoux Bag, I very much wanted to make a purse that was spacious enough to house the essentials of life, but small enough to give one a sense of being footloose and fancy free.

A crochet taco purse had the potential to fulfill both of these needs with an added campy twist.

In my original vision, the taco purse would be crocheted in a gold merino wool and then felted, but after some consideration, I decided that the most prudent thing would be to work out the details in an unfelted version.

So, with a gold skein of my beloved Red Heart Super Saver, and a 4.0 mm hook, I got to work.

As of sunset today, this is how the back/inside of the taco purse looked:

Interior view of the future crochet taco purse
Interior view of the future crochet taco purse

and here is how the front/outside of the taco-purse-to-be looked:

"Did you say taco purse" exterior view
“Did you say taco purse” exterior view

There are, no doubt, one or two technical challenges that await me, but when all is said and done, this should be a very fun bag to both make and use.