Unearthing buried crochet treasure

Last night, the hosting service for my blog experienced technical difficulties, and, as a result, I was unable to write an updated post.

However, the people whose jobs I would never want to have, toiled through the night and somewhere around 5:30 am EDT, they had gotten my blog (and many others) back up and running.

In addition to continuing to work on the Taco Purse that I want to have completed by Saturday:

crochet taco purse
The front of the crochet taco purse and stabilizing insert

crochet taco purse
The back of the crochet taco purse and stabilizing insert

In preparation of what is, for me, the official start of the North Carolina State Fair crochet season, I spent much of the day sorting through piles and piles of yarn and long abandoned projects, doing my best to follow organizing guru Hellen Buttegieg’s prescription to put like with like, and as I did that, I found these pieces of a long abandoned project:

crochet squares
Nineteen crochet squares of a long forgotten project

and today, while my mother got the magic cortisone shots that keep her back from stiffening up completely, I took one of my bent-tipped aluminum yarn needles out and got down to the business of weaving in ends and joining.

Here is how far I had gotten when my mother was ready to go home:

joining crochet squares
I start joining the 19 recently unearthed crochet squares

I still have one more square to make, and I will have to reverse engineer one of the extant squares so that I can make a 20th square and remake the square I frog in order to correctly identify all of the stitches for my reverse engineering effort, but soon enough, I will have all of the squares assembled, a border added, and I will be able to put this long forgotten and abandoned project in a “ta-done” pile and move onto the next treasure I find.

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