I work on my great granny square

Today was perfect crochet weather.

It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold, and it wasn’t too humid, and while I would have liked to have spent it completely ensconced in my crochet, the early part of the day got eaten by obligations and errands.

But after lunch, having dispatched all of the items on my must-do list, I found myself not certain what to work on next.

One half of me wanted to spend what remained of the afternoon sorting through the projects housed in the yarn annex and the guestroom/crochet empire cataloging my Unfinished Objects (UFOs) and Works In Progress (WIPs) in preparation for the Ravelympics in July, but the other half of me wanted to sit on the back deck and enjoy the weather.

When all was said and done, the latter half prevailed, and with a Clover bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, I got to work weaving in ends of the as-yet-unfinished great granny square:

A great granny square made with many (many) yarn scraps
My great granny square before

The first hour, I worked slowly, but consistently, and when the hour was up, I had these scraps to show for myself:

yarn scraps from trimming ends that were woven in
Trimmed ends after one hour of weaving them in

At the end of the second hour, I had amassed even more ends:

yarn scraps from trimming ends that were woven in
The accumulated ends after two hours

By the end of the third hour, I seemed to have found my weaving in ends groove, but it was time to make dinner:

yarn scraps from trimming ends that were woven in
Three hours worth of trimmed ends

After three hours of nearly uninterrupted weaving in of ends, this is what was left for me to do:

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My great granny square after three hours spent weaving in ends

And if you would like to see video of my great granny square in action (well at least as active as an inanimate object can be), here are videos (part 1 and part 2) of “My great granny square.”

3 thoughts on “I work on my great granny square

  1. I have a glass jar I picked up from Jo-Anns that I keep all my yarn scraps in. It looks pretty, imo. not too much different than filling a glass jar with colored rocks!

    The great granny is stunning!

  2. The great granny square is terrific. The colors are bright and playful. Nice work!

  3. Your great granny square is amazing and I loved your videos and hearing you talk about it rather like a close friend who as it were had asked you to speak for her and about her. Do you find your projects sometimes acquire a kind of life / personality of their own? I do, although some more so than others!

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