Infinite possibilities

Yesterday, using an assortment of pink yarn from my stash of Red Heart yarns and the pattern for the “Willow” square from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans:

200 crochet blocks crochet book
Jan Eaton’s book 200 Crochet Blocks

I made this square:

pink crochet square
My first rendition of Jan Eaton’s Willow square

Today, using the same pattern and the same colors (but with the colors in a somewhat altered distribution and order), I made this square:

three shades of pink crochet square
Another pink willow crochet square

Here is how the two squares looked side by side:

Two of the infinite color possibilities of the Willow crochet squares
Two of the infinite color possibilities of the Willow crochet squares

Whether it was my intent or not, I have begun work on what will be a scarf, a lapghan, an afghan, or a shawl. Which, I don’t yet know, but these squares want to be something.

And, as is easily seen, despite using the same pattern and the same colors of yarn, the two squares are not exactly alike, and the difference between them creates a more dynamic appearance. Which, in a very tangential way brings me to a Christmas gift I received this morning:

Yeti microphone
My new Yeti

Several months ago, I had been discussing the logistics of making a crochet video with my husband. We discussed several things, and somewhere in that conversation that took place so many months ago, the topic of microphones came up and lo and behold, along with a Le Creuset pan that I very much wanted, I received this microphone that I very much needed:

Yeti microphone
Another view of the box my Yeti came in

In the coming weeks, I hope to put this microphone to use as I share more of my crochet adventures.

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  1. your comment…YES from Alabama, I will look forward to this… Don’t have the book. Yet I will learn from you. As Spring said “Christmas all-over again”

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