It’s complicated

Sometimes life is straightforward and easy, and sometimes it’s complicated. Today was a little of both. I (and many people I know) are ready for winter to be over, but with two days left until the official start of spring, winter once again asserted itself, and we awoke this morning to icicles everywhere:

Icicles in March, Raleigh, North Carolina
Icicles in March

As a result of the weather, school was once again cancelled. Fortunately, I had everything we needed to get through a snow (or in this case “ice”) day, and once I had eaten breakfast and walked the dog, I was ready to begin work on the “cookie bag.”

I had intended for this to be simple, straight forward project, but yesterday, after having woven in and trimmed all of the ends of the ends:

crochet cookie motifs
Two cookie motifs before I added backs to the cookies

(even on the back)

the back of crochet cookie motifs
The backs of the cookie motifs with the ends woven in

I decided that “just one more thing” was in order, and that one more thing was backs for the cookies to give the motif a bit more structural integrity. I made the circles needed to accomplish this:

I prepare to add backs to the cookies which was a bit complicated
I prepare to add backs to the cookies which was a bit complicated

and carefully joined them, weaving in all of the ends and trimming them:

crochet cookie motifs
The back of the cookie motifs with the backs of the cookies secures

What I had were these two delightful motifs that were completely unsuited to my purpose:

Completed crochet cookie motifs
The completed crochet motifs

In my original vision, this was a one Saturday project.

Clearly it had gotten a bit out of hand. Uncertain of what to do, I grabbed my copy of “The Adventurous Crocheter.” In the chapter on purses (which runs just three pages long, and covers how (and why) to line a purse, as well as information on straps), I came across this observation:

The 2nd school of thought…makes delicate purses that admittedly you can stuff only a wallet and 1 or 2 items, but which are more suited to the graceful style of crochet.

With those words in mind, I set aside my new Cookie Mandalas/Trivets, and began work on another, simpler version of the bag I so desperately want. By the time I had to set my hooks aside for dinner, I had gotten this far:

crochet cookie bag redux
I begin work on crochet cookie bag redux

My hope is that tomorrow, after I have dispensed with the morning’s chores, I will be able to bring my vision closer to reality, and bring the cookie bag of my imagination to life.

3 thoughts on “It’s complicated

  1. *gasp* Those are my absolute favorite of the cookie projects! I think I love the back as much as the front. Excuse me while I swoon.

  2. I agree with Crystal. Whatever you want to call them, they are perfectly wonderful. Their roundness enhances all that cookie goodness.

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