Learning from my crochet mistakes

It is great to be able to work with a crochet wind at your back, or if not a crochet wind, then a good stiff crochet breeze, but sometimes you find yourself crocheting into a headwind, and if you’re like me, you find yourself making a few crochet mistakes.

Depending on how egregious those mistakes are, you may also find (as I did) that you need to do a bit of frogging to get back on course.

As my regular readers are aware, I am juggling two double projects at the moment and at first I focused my attention on one of the two new Day of the Dead yarn bombs I want to have ready for this year’s celebration.

I made most of the four additional squares without incident, but there was one that bedeviled me, and due to not even giving the piece a cursory glance when I finished a row, I found myself having to frog back four rows on one of the squares. As I worked to sort it out, I discovered that I had made the same error on two different rows which served as a reminder to me that if I really am in a hurry, I should give my overall work at least a cursory glance at the end of a row (or round—as the case may be) so that I am not having to spend so much time on crochet remediation.

While it was aggravating in the moment, it did feel good to get it all figured out and to get everything recrocheted so I could move forward. By the end of the afternoon, I was halfway done with one of the yarn bombs:

I correct my crochet mistakes and finished four more crochet squares for a variegated sugar skull yarn bomb

But as I said, I have two double projects in front of me, and I did not confine my crochet mistakes to one set of projects. I also found myself doing a bit of frogging on the crochet skeletons I am making, but I eventually got everything done to my satisfaction, and I am now ready to move onto the other leg:

two crochet skeletons in process

As always, I feel as though I have more crochet to do than I have time to do it, but also—as always—I will move forward one stitch at a time.