Moving forward on three of four crochet projects

I’m not sure how I ended up with four crochet projects that all have a deadline within days of each other, but at this point, how is not important. What is important is that I keep moving forward so that I can achieve all of my crochet goals.

With that in mind, I took hook to yarn and finished the crochet eyes of the second of two crochet sugar skull yarn bombs I am working on to add to this year’s Day of the Dead crochet yarn bomb.

It took a bit of doing, but eventually, I put the finishing touches on the last of the eight central squares that comprise the eyes of what will be my fifth sugar skull crochet yarn bomb:

The eyes of a second crochet yarn bomb for Day of the Dead 2020

Curious as to how it would look with one of it’s compatriot yarn bombs, I arranged the eight corresponding crochet squares of the fourth yarn bomb right above it and got this photo:

two future sugar skull crochet yarn bombs

I was happy with how they each looked, and I was equally happy with how they looked together, but there no time to bask in the joy of these crochet projects as there were two more that needed work. So I brought up my copy of Aimee Borst’s Mr. Bone Headz pattern, and I got busy.

I found myself working on the second of two legs for my skeleton, and while I had high hopes that I would finish both legs and feet today, reality intruded. Working the second leg is a little bit awkward when the first leg is all done. I was fighting to keep the yarn I was working with from becoming hopelessly tangled around the part of the skeleton that I had already crocheted, and while there were moments that it appeared I would lose that battle, I did (eventually) emerge somewhat victorious:

I make progress on three of four crochet projects, including this amiigurumi skeleton

I have sixteen more squares, three more legs, four more feet, along with four arms and couple of heads left to crochet, before I can say “ta-done,” but I will continue forward, one stitch at a time.