Making lemonade

This past Sunday, in an effort to get my crochet empire/guestroom in better order, I decided to make another stash bag from vintage wool I had purchased from my son’s trumpet teacher and that was, to my mind, a rather unfortunate shade of pink.

I coupled one of my favorite crochet patterns ever (this stash bag) with a color I was unable to develop a fondness for, and with an 8.0 mm hook and determination, I finished crocheting the bag this morning:

crochet stash basket
I finish crocheting the stash bag and prepare to felt it

I had doubled number of rows I crocheted for the handles so that the straps of the finished bag could be worn over the shoulder, but I was still not thrilled with the color, so I got out a large pot and fifteen packs of pink lemonade:

Kool-Aid for dyeing yarn
Fifteen packets of pink lemonade flavored Kool-Aid

After emptying all fifteen packs of the pink lemonade flavored Kool-Aid into the pot, I added plenty of water and the unfelted stash bag.

Several hours and one trumpet lesson later, I finished felting the bag:

The felted and dyed crochet bag
The finished stash bag posing with the yarn used to create it

While I am not certain that I got the length of the handles right, I am much happier with the color of the bag now that it has been dyed:

felted crochet bag Kool-Aid dyeing
The stash bag felted and ready to go to the beach

Once this bag dries, I will have to take it on a shopping excursion to find out just how much it can hold.

3 thoughts on “Making lemonade

  1. I have GOT to make that BAG!! Every time you make one i say that and by golly i need to get to it!! LOVE the pink and that you felted it. LOVE IT to pieces!

  2. this looks great! thanks so much for sharing with us 🙂
    The Purl Bee

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