Crafting for a cause

The internet and the resulting social media have greatly expanded the ability of crafters to share their projects and connect with each other. This enhanced ability to share information is how I learned of Crafting for a Cause.

Crafting for a Cause is (CFAC) a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing afghans, quilts, lapghans, scarves, hats, slippers, and, in the case of the UC Davis Pediatric Cancer Infusion Center in Sacramento, California, amigurmi to those in need.

As it happens, UC Davis Medical Center is particularly dear to me.

Twenty-five years ago this coming July one of my older sons who is afflicted with an adventurous spirit, embarked on an adventure that landed him in the Pediatric ICU at UC Davis Medical Center.

As a result of the dedication and hard work of all of the people who helped him in his hours of extreme need, he had a remarkable recovery with “no measurable neurological damage.”

So while my son never needed the services of UC Davis Pediatric Cancer Infusion Center, ever since that July, I have been particularly appreciative of all that the doctors, nurses, and support staff of UC Davis Medical Center do for children, and the impact that work has on the families of those children.

When I learned that I could make amigurumi for children who find themselves in need of the services of the Infusion Center, it seemed a fitting way to mark the 25th anniversary of my own son’s recovery, and thanks to the good people of and their timeless creation of the “Way Back Machine,” an internet archive, I was able to access these Pocket Animal crochet patterns that have enchanted me for many years now.

With hook in hand and yarn at my side, late this afternoon, I got to work on a porcupine. In short order, I had the body (which includes the head), and the bottom done:

amigurumi porcupine in process
The main body of the pocket amigurumi porcupine to be with the base

In another few minutes, I had the tail completed:

crochet pieces of an amigurumi porcupine
A top view, looking down on the body, the tail, and the base of the amigurumi porcupine

Two ears and a nose took almost no time at all:

crochet pieces for an amigurumi porcupine
Two crochet ears and a crochet nose for an amigurumi porcupine to be

and the arms and feet were finished quickly as well:

amigurumi porcupine with its crochet pieces
A top down view of an amigurumi porcupine to be with all of its crochet pieces

While there is a strong possibility I will get sidetracked by the details of putting together this pocket pal, I know that with each successive crochet pocket pal I complete, my speed will increase.

My goal is to complete 25, one for each year since my son’s completely nerve-wracking adventure, and if you are looking for a cause that you can craft for, CFAC is one of the many organizations ready to help you meet that goal.

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  1. Thank you so much for your posting about CFAC. And I’m so happy to hear that, after all these years, your adventureous son is doing so well.

  2. I have been with this great group for over 3 years. And hope to be with them for many more years to come.

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