Square 25

Today’s to-do list was lengthy, but in between all of the organizing and sorting and straightening, I did manage to complete one square from the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long I am involved in. While I am not yet caught up, my current goal is to get no further behind than I already am.

Still, several useful things happened as a result of the straightening up I felt compelled to do.

First, I found the hexagon grid paper I need to make an easy-to-decipher diagram for all those who would want to make a Mamy bag of their very own.

Second, I found four partially completed amigurumi. When these four critters begun so many moons ago are completed along with yesterday’s porcupine-to-be, I will be 20% of the way toward my goal of 25 amigurumi for the UC Davis Medical Center.

Another bonus is that finishing the assortment of wayward amigurumi will result in a more organized and easier to use crochet empire/guest room.

Satisfied that I had done enough toward the goal of creating more order, I got out my copy of Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares, my 4.5mm hook, and my stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and got to work on square 25.

Using pumpkin and hot red, I made the central motif for the square,

Crochet circle motif at center of crochet square
The center motif for square 25.

then, using dark orchid, I completed the last four rounds of the square:

Square 25 crochet square with crochet circle center
Square 25 completed

I do not know where the journey of the crochet-along will take me.

I can neither divine what I will learn from future squares, nor do I know what has already been incorporated into my own work from past squares, but the crochet-along is, in its own quiet and colorful way, and adventure of the heart.

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  1. as always I adore your color sense – and while I was perusing other crochet related things this morning I cam across this and my thoughts turned to you and your very Noble project…. hope this pleases your senses as much as it did mine and adds to your count…


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