Modest progress on the center panel

In the early days of crochet season, it is easy to be seduced by the waning days of summer into believing that you have more time to do your work than you really do.

And that is, to some degree, where I find myself.

The weather is starting to get a little cooler and a little less humid, but the days are also getting a bit shorter, and I find myself having to divide my work between things that should be done with daylight (crocheting the crazy quilt pieces for example), and those things which can be done by artificial light (crocheting one-round granny squares and weaving in the resulting ends).

So 11 days into the 2016 crochet season, I decided to make a mental list of what is left to be done to make sure that I don’t let what time remains slip away from me.

The past two days, I have focused a lot of effort on the one-round granny squares, and I now have 169 of them completed. Here is an overview of my work on this aspect of the project:

one round granny squares
A baker’s dozen of a baker’s dozen

and here is a detail:

crochet squares
A detail of the one-round granny squares

I am, however, more anxious about the crazy quilt pieces of the center panel because I am not entirely certain how I will join them or how they will look when joined.

In the interest of not shedding any tears over this year’s state fair project, I have to build a cushion into my time budget that will allow me to remedy anything that might not work the way I imagine it will.

So far I have completed these pieces:

crochet quilt crazy pieces
Some crochet crazy quilt pieces

which cover about 1/5th of the total space that will need to be covered:

crochet blanket panel
An overview of the center crochet panel

Once I have my plans for the center panel solidified, I will be able (if only for part of one day) catch my breath, in the meantime, I will move forward the only way possible: one stitch at a time.