My Melody and the second granny square blanket

My Melody, the current front burner amigurumi from Mei Li Lee’s Hello Kitty Crochet, is coming together.

Today, after I had reached the fourteenth round of the face, I finished embroidering her features, stuffed the head, stuffed the body, attached the arms, and kind-of, sort-of, finished the crochet hood:

My Melody gets a face and a hood

The hood, while straight forward in many respects, proved to be a bit more a challenge for me. I wasn’t entirely certain of the fit, so I omitted several rounds, and now that I have had time to think about it, I don’t know that I made the right decision.

But whether or not that was the right decision, I am confident in the ears and the feet:

Crochet ears and crochet feet
Crochet ears and crochet feet

And when I put all of the pieces together, I can see nothing to complain about:

My Melody with all of the crochet pieces I have made so far
An almost-ready-for-adventure amigurumi

With the My Melody amigurumi so close to done, I decided to set it aside while I think over the nuances of her crochet hood, and I once again turned my attention to the second great granny square blanket I am working on.

Originally, I had worked on the “Hello Kitty” inspired blanket and this second one in tandem, but that method proved problematic for me. This one has a definite orange flair to it, and that often threw me off. What looked good for one blanket did not work for the other, and rather than creating two, independent granny square blankets, each with their own unique color schemes, the lines would blur, and neither would be what I wanted.

But now that the one is done, I can concentrate fully on the other, and i was able to weave in all the ends and complete a fourteenth round (and plan for two more) without any hesitation.

A multicolor crochet granny square blanket for a baby
A great granny square blanket

So I will continue forward, one stitch, one round, and one blanket at a time.

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