My psychedelic circle jacket

I finished my circle jacket today.

At the web page where the pattern can be found someone notes, ” A truly unique and special jacket. Not a jacket for everyone, but absolutely necessary for some others…”

I am one of those people who, upon seeing it, found it to be absolutely necessary, and it is was my overwhelming desire to own this jacket that, no doubt, propelled me to complete the project in such a short (for me anyway) span of time.

I began the circle jacket on July 26, and by early afternoon today, it was done. Ends woven in, buttons made and attached, and the entire project blocked and ready to wear. While the ease and speed with which I finished the project is, in part, attributable to my desire to have this jacket, it is also a testament to the clarity of the directions.

While I did experience one snafu as a result of not carefully reading the particulars of the sequence of stitches for round 14, it was clearly a problem with the user (me) and not the pattern.

Here are several views of the finished project:

crochet circle jacket
One view of my psychedelic crochet circle jacket

crochet circle jacket
Another view of my psychedelic crochet circle jacket

crochet circle jacket
I unsuccessfully attempt a grumpy pose while wearing the magical crochet circle jacket

The pattern is very adaptable. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and I did not work the project in one color. I didn’t know how that would work out, but I am delighted at the effect I was able to achieve with the color changes I made.

Lastly, the directions call for you to “…place the buttons in the waist on the left side of the jacket in the penultimate round.” While I love the word penultimate and use it whenever I can, it turned out that for me, placing both buttons on that round made the jacket a bit too slouchy to stay on comfortably, so I had to move the buttons in two rows further.

Other than that one small item, it was, for me, the perfect pattern.

19 thoughts on “My psychedelic circle jacket

  1. i want to try my hand at making this jacket. my problem is that i’m confused on what size to make. i’m plus size and don’t know if the XL will fit. what size did you make?

    1. I made the small, but I think it enlarged a bit after I blocked it.

      I would measure an article of clothing that you can wear comfortably from shoulder to shoulder and then make the size whose armhole would correspond to that size.

  2. Love the way your jacket turned out. Beautiful ! I saw this pattern before but didn’t even think about making it until I saw your finished work. I love the color combo that you used. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn until I used up my stash, this will be a great project for it. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for sharing your pictures .

  3. Just fabulous. Do you know where I can get the pattern but NOT from DROPS. Tons of Ravelry users have stated they got a virus from DROPS. Is there any other place I can find this? I want it sooo bad :). You did an awesome job!!

  4. I love how you’ve made this, it looks so different from the pattern (which incidentally has moved on the drops site, so your link doesn’t go there directly any more). Any clues on how much of each colour you needed given how you’ve changed it? Thanks.

  5. Hello…can you tell me where to get the pattern for the circular sweater? it looks adorable.

    thanks, Kristi

  6. Do you know where I can get the pattern got the psychedelic jacket – cardigan for a four year old girl whose desperate to have one
    Thank you

  7. Could you please help me trying to find the child’s pschadelic jacket. I’ve tried for hours everyday to look for it. Can you please send it to me by email ora link

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