Of Cinnabon and sunflowers

I woke up early enough to make sure my son was fed, had lunch money, and got to the bus stop in plenty of time to catch the bus.

I put away some of the laundry that had accumulated over the past couple of weeks. I cleaned out the refrigerator a bit and got the trash can up to the street in time for trash collection. started to straighten up the livingroom where I had spent a large fraction of the previous 48 hours working on my state fair piece

Completely drained of any finishing energy, everything I did, I did part way.

Then, at some time around noon, a friend sent a text that posed the following question:

Feeling empty without the SF2011?

with SF2001 being a reference to the 2011 North Carolina State Fair project I completed yesterday.

And the fact is, I wasn’t feeling empty.

Nature, it is said, abhors a vacuum, and finishing a project as large and consuming as the one I just finished leaves a large vortex vacuum in its wake that sucks in so many things to do it is hard to decide which to tackle first, but after a day spent flitting from one household project to the next, I finally turned my attention to crochet.

I settled on taking the first step toward getting caught up with a crochet-along I am involved with and sat down with my copy of Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares in hand and decided to make square 35. Having used all of my available decision making resources figuring out which square to make I used this cup from Cinnabon to guide me in my color choices:

cinnabon drink cup
A drink cup from Cinnabon

I made the center with Red Heart Super Saver coffee:

brown crochet circle
The crochet center of Square 35

the petals with Red Heart Super Saver turqua (although in retrospect, Aruba sea would have been a closer match):

crochet flower crochet sunflower
The turqua blue petals of the crochet sunflower

and the final rounds that frame the flower with Red Heart Super Saver royal:

crochet flower crochet square
Crochet Square 35

Here is how Square 35 looked with the cup that was the source of my color inspiration:

crochet flower crochet square with cinnabon cup
Crochet square 35 with the Cinnabon cup

After yesterday, today was pretty anticlimactic.

I love making a special project for the state fair each year, but I also enjoy the days in the immediate aftermath when, at least for a few day, time seems to move just a little bit more slowly.

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  1. When you sit down to do a square, you choose a cup from a commercial establishment as a color inspiration and guide, and then you proceed to create something absolutely beautiful. How do you do it!!?

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