While my cat usually gets up before the sun and makes me aware of this fact by pawing at my bedroom door until I am out of bed, last night she appropriated one of my stash bags, curled up on it, and slept peacefully through the entire night (and well into the morning) while I worked on finishing my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project.

By the time I had eaten breakfast and gotten my son off to school, the sun had finally risen, and I was able to take the project outside to survey what was left to do.

Here is what I had accomplished by eight o-clock this morning:

my nearly completed crochet quilt made from multicolor crochet squares and crochet rectangles
My 2011 North Carolina State Fair project as of 8:00 am this morning

There was still a substantial amount of seaming and joining to be done on the row nearest the railing, as well as a few 1×4 rectangles to be made. The next few hours were a delicate balance of just enough coffee and food to keep me up and working so as not to remind my body and my brain that a night’s sleep had been missed.

While I could feel myself slowing down somewhere around 10, I kept working and hoped that I would last long enough to get the project done and turned in to the state fair.

Then, shortly after what would have been lunchtime had I stopped to eat, I finished joining the last seam, wove in the last end, ran an adhesive lint roller over the project a few times, and took this photo before packing everything up and heading to the state fairgrounds:

a multicolor crochet blanket made of crochet squares and crochet rectangles
My 2011 North Carolina State Fair afghan

This project has been a long, exhausting, and in many ways, unexpected adventure, and I doubt that I would have completed it without the encouragement and support of my family, friends, and fellow crocheters; so, thank you.

52 thoughts on “Ta-done!

  1. So amazingly beautiful. You rocked it! Looking forward to seeing the blue ribbon and special awards. 🙂

    (If they don’t come, well, we’ll all know the prizes were rigged!)

  2. Congratulations on finishing! It is really amazing and I know you’ll be the best of the fair. Hope you are celebrating by heading to bed super early too!

  3. I can’t even tell you how incredibly beautiful I think this afghan is. I’ve been following your work on this and I’m just amazed. GREAT job! It was through you that I learned that you can submit crochet work to the state fair (how did I not know this in 38 years of living?!?), and since I also live in your area, I look forward to stopping by to get a chance to see it in person! =)

  4. This is awesome! I love all the colors and the almost woven look. It looks like a fabric quilt, not crochet! If you don’t get at least a blue, I’ll send some rotten produce to the fair board! You should get Best of Class, at least! Which state?

  5. What’s the finished size of this blanket?
    It was a great adventure for us too to follow you on this project, much more interesting than a TV series! And the result is absolutely marvellous and, perhaps, a little hypnotic, too.

  6. It looks amazing! Totally agree with Ysabeau, it’s been lovely to follow you on this adventure. I have my fingers crossed for you though I think it’s in the bag!

  7. Absolutely fabulous Lesley. What an achievement. I am sure this is a winner. I have enjoyed your adventure, it has been quite exciting. What’s next?
    Best wishes

  8. It turned out wonderfully! It took me all this time to figure out what it reminds me of, but I finally got it – it’s one of those QR code things! Did you put a secret message in there for the judges’ smartphones? 🙂

  9. This is in a class by itself. Breathtakingly beautiful, hypnotic, amazing. You’re a real artist.

  10. Blue ribbon and Best in Show for sure! Congrats on completing it and can’t wait to hear the outcome or to see what your next project is!

  11. It looks amazing! I love it! Glad you were able to finish it up in time. Can’t wait to find out what ribbons it’ll win!

  12. I knew you would do it! It’s absolutely beautiful and as far as I’m concerned it’s a winner because I have been entranced by it since the very beginning!
    I wish we had such competitions in the UK, though with competition like this I wouldn’t stand a chance.

  13. This blanket is just incredible!! A definite win!! Fantastic job!!! I’m just in awe at how many ends you had to sew in….

  14. It’s absolutely wonderful. You are amaizing. What a work of art.
    Congratulations! On finishing such a lovely project.

  15. Great Job! It sure deserves to win a top prize! I’ve enjoyed watching your progress on this beautiful afghan- can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  16. CONGRATS!!!!! It is so beautiful!! It has been such a joy for me to watch you creating this afghan. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!

  17. I just can’t imagine having the focus to dream up such a project- let alone complete it! Love it and you!

  18. That is so crazy awesome!! You totally rock! I can’t wait to hear how many ribbons you win! Way to go! 🙂

  19. I knew you would I knew you would!
    So much more to say about this but my brain needs time to take in the completed piece which took me places I did not expect to go -and thereby causing the need for a focusing on the many aspects of your work ethic, talent and its affect on my study of self and its affect on my own work… to be continued…. Sleep the sleep of angels: release all waking worries: renew, restore, refresh replenish.. You have created a Masterpiece of multiple magnitudes for yourself and so many of your followers…..

  20. Wow! This is amazing. This is one of the coolest crochet projects I’ve seen yet. I hope you get a blue ribbon and best of show!

  21. Congratulations on finishing you blanket. What a mamoth effort.
    Only found your blog a few weeks ago and have looked forward to my daily check in to see how you are going with it.
    Congratulations again, hope you do well and enjoy your sleep.

  22. What a wonderful journey. I have enjoyed following your posts on this project. I can’t wait to hear how it does at the fair.

  23. I think this is your best design that you’ve entered to the Fair. Who cares about what the judges will think, as it’s clearly a winner!

  24. Love it, Love it, Love it!

    So not what I expected when you started and everytime you showed more pictures I was alright where is this going.

    Absolutely amazing.

    It’s a winner in my books

  25. I just love this afghan,it would so go with my new living room furniture if i change the colors alittle. How does one get this pattern? If anyone out there knows, please let me know.

  26. you did a wonderful job on this afghan – am in love with it – how does one go about getting the directions to making it

  27. Here it is 2015 & my first time seeing this Beautiful work of yours! It’s Awesome*!

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