On the road (again)

This summer I went on several road trips.

There was the annual trek to Huntsville, Alabama for a week at Space Camp where I found that my mom services were much less in demand than the previous two years my son attended. Then, there was a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, with a brief pilgrimage to meet Carol Ventura (doyenne of tapestry crochet) in Cookeville, Tennessee. And finally, to mark the end of summer we spent a long weekend at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Today I left town again, this time to Fletcher, North Carolina, home to the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center where the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (aka SAFF) is held.

Having gotten a somewhat late start, exacerbated by two yarn detours along the way, I did not make it to the venue today, but I did manage to meet some people for dinner and make a very modest amount of progress on the camouflage circle jacket I am working on, as well as surprise accessory to go with it.

Here is a photo of the circle jacket as of yesterday before sunset:

camouflage crochet circle jacket
Camouflage crochet circle jacket for Teddy

Now I need to once again turn my attention to the camouflage circle that now measures four feet in diameter, and get it finished before, like Willie Nelson, I find that it is time to be on the road again.