Jill came from the fair…

with her pennies all spent….

Written by Eleanor Farjeon, this poem chronicles the adventures of a girl named Jill who takes a trip to the fair.

Today, my youngest son and I had our own fair inspired adventures as we finally made our annual trek to the North Carolina State Fair and had our own adventures.

Today was Hunger Relief Day, an annual event sponsored by Food Lion. In exchange for four items of canned food, you can a ticket to enter the North Carolina State Fair. So canned goods in hand, we headed to the fairgrounds.

Once we arrived, we parked by the RBC Center, home of the Carolina Hurricanes and free parking for the state fair.

And, as always, the first thing we did upon getting out of the car was to photograph the number of our parking space:

2010 North Carolina State Fair, crochetbug, state fairgrounds, parking space
Our parking space number

(This can be an invaluable tool when it is time to leave.)

We then wended our way across the fairgrounds past the signs for flu shots, the recycle bins, the rides, the games, and the ubiquitous deep-fried foods until we reached the exhibition hall.

Once inside, we made our way past the myriad exhibits and headed straight for the quilts and afghans. The afghan I entered this year did not get a ribbon of any kind, but I did get to see it on display:

2010 North Carolina State Fair, crochetbug, crochet blanket, crochet afghan, crochet throw, hilbert curve, crochet circles, crochet squares
On the left, my 2010 North Carolina State Fair project

My psychedelic sweater did decidedly better and managed to garner a blue ribbon:

2010 North Carolina State Fair, crochetbug, crochet circles, crochet circle jacket, crochet jacket, crochet sweater, crochet rainbow
My psychedelic circle jacket with a blue ribbon

Once my son and I had completed our tour of the exhibition hall, we ventured back out to the midway and the fried confections. After walking what seemed an endless loop, we finally found a booth selling his favorite deep-fried confection (a Snickers bar) as well as a funnel cake for me.

And for anyone who seriously pursues the art of amigurumi, I offer this photo of the Krispy Kreme Burger for your crochet inspiration:

2010 North Carolina State Fair, crochetbug, krispy kreme, donut, doughnut, krispy kreme burger
Krispy Kreme Burger

10 thoughts on “Jill came from the fair…

  1. Oh, how wonderful to see the state fair afghan finished and on display – it is truly wonderful! Congratulations on getting it finished in time and for making such a beautiful project – fabulous!

    Also (I am on catch up), I am fascinated by the circle jacket in your previous post – looking forward to seeing that finished too!

    1. I am to the last three rounds of the circle, then onto the sleeves and the ever-so-manly fringe. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the blue ribbon! Saw your ball and the afghan when I went on Tuesday. Hope you did not eat that thing. Looks very disgusting!! LOL

    1. I did not have the intestinal fortitude to attempt the Krispy Kreme burger, so the photo I took was with some zoom in the lens to get a better look at what was on the counter. I thought that those inclined toward amigurumi might find some inspiration there.

  3. Awww…I’m so sorry that your fabulous blanket did not win a ribbon…all that hard work. HOWEVER, it looks far superior to the blankets hanging next to it!
    Yayy! for the psychedelic circle jacket!!! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you! My youngest son is doing his best to lay claim to the Hilbert Curve afghan, but after weaving in all those ends, I am loathe to give it up.

      Is I see it, it is about changing the world one stitch at a time (or several thousand stitches as the case may be), and I think I am making progress on that front.

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