One, two, three

I was not exactly a ball of fire today, but when I finally completed the list of non-crochet “things that must be done,” I returned to the second grape fizz hat in what will be a series of three.

Using an 7.0 mm hook, I crocheted more carefully than I usually do, as the two hook did not always catch both strands of yarn with ease.

I had been able to crochet the first hat in a more carefree manner as with my 8.0 mm hook which grabbed both strands of yarn more effortlessly, but the second hat needs to be just a bit smaller, so I continued working, completing one stitch and then another, and even at the slower pace, I finished the second hat well before lunch:

brimmed crochet hat
The second in a series of three grape fizz crochet hats

Pleased to have completed the second hat, I decided to take a small break from the grape fizz goodness and work on crocheting more of the tetrminos I need for the second panel of the Tetrisghan.

I started by finishing the last two of the yellow “O”s I will need for the project:

two crochet tetrominos
Two crochet tetromino O’s

and then moved on to the three remaining turquq “I”s:

three crochet tetrominos
Three crochet tetromino I’s

Tomorrow I will start my crochet day with the third and final grape fizz hat so that it is ready for Mother’s day, and then, if I have time, I will see if I can get the last six tetrominos completed so that I can begin to the process of piecing together the panel — which would make for a spectacular Mother’s day weekend.


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  1. The hats are a hoot! I love those grape things! My favorite color. The other thing you’re working on is interesting and can hardly wait to see what it becomes. Thanks, Betty (alias Beatrice1953)

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