1.25 tetrominos and more grape fizz fun

Today my mom had a scheduled appointment with the doctor overseeing the care of her back. Because of the nature of my the ailments of patients who make up the doctor’s practice, it is not unusual for the doctor to be running a bit behind as her patients no longer have the same fast gait and spring in their steps that they had before they required the care of someone with her expertise, and it would seem that my crochet today reflected that fact given that the biggest thing I got done was to crochet and join 1.25 tetrominos.

As I have learned taking my mom to her various treatments, people with back pain can’t really rush. Things take however much time they take, and any attempts to hurry them along usually backfire in some spectacular way you can’t anticipate.

This is why I always bring plenty of crochet with me.

Not only does it keep me amused, but oftentimes my compatriots in the waiting room are happy to talk to me about the work I am doing and more than willing to look at photos of projects I have done — not that I think my work requires a bored and captive audience, but it doesn’t hurt.

Today, not certain of how long the wait would be, I brought along a skein of grape fizz that I was in the process of rewinding so that the direction of the color changes of variegation would be reversed, a skein of Red Heart Super Saver pumpkin so I could make more “L” tetrominos for the Tetrisghan, and yet another skein of grape fizz that I would used to make a new coffee cup cozy.

I started by working on a yet another coffee cup cozy:

purple crochet coffee cup cozy
A grape fizz coffee cup cozy

Pleased with the grape fizziness of it all, I then resumed work on my rewinding project, and toward the end of the rewinding, I noticed that there was a knot in the yarn where one end had been joined to another. The knot (and any subsequent color reversal of the ends that were knotted) probably was the source of the difficulty I had encountered attempting to match the variegation pattern of this skein of grape fizz with another skein of grape fizz from the same dyelot.

Satisfied that I would be able to match up the variegation patterns once I got home to the dyelot companion of the skein of yarn I had rewound, I began work on making more of the orange tetrominos for the second panel of the Tetrisghan.

This is how far I got before my mom was ready to leave:

I finish 1.25 tetrominos made from crochet squares
I finish 1.25 tetrominos made from crochet squares

Several errands later, I made my way home and using the newly rewound skein of yarn, got a start on the third and final grape fizz hat for the week:

A purple crochet hat
I get a start on the third hat

My modest progress of one coffee cup crochet cozy, 1.25 tetrimons, and the start of a hat, means I still have a way to go with the last hat, but as is true of several projects I am currently working on, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and when the sun rises on a new day, I will be ready to continue my efforts to finish them.