Play ball!

Today the Durham Bulls play their first home game of the season, and when I was not doing other things that needed doing, I was getting myself ready for tonight’s game, not the least of which was making sure I have something to work on while my beloved Bulls Play.

As I began my crochet work, I found that I am nearly (though not quite) through my supply of crochet rose granny squares I made but did not use in my 2014 North Carolina State Fair. As I sorted through my bag of “crochet bits” to resume work rehabbing crochet squares for Project Amigo, I four four more awaiting transformation:

Four granny squares with crochet rose centers ready to be joined
For rosette granny squares before joining

I had not yet wiped the pollen off the back deck, so I took the photo at my dining table/crochet desk, and even though the light was good, the colors appear washed out in the photo in a way they weren’t in life.

After getting out my beloved Clove bent-tipped yarn needle, I carefully laced the squares together, and without thinking I wove in the ends:

A four patch of crochet rose centered granny squares
Four rosette granny squares after joining

which made it easy to finish the square and add it to yesterday’s crochet effort:

Three four-patch granny squares with crochet roses
Three rosette granny squares ready for adventure

but it didn’t leave me with anything to work on during the game.

So I returned to my bag of crochet bits and found two granny squares, both of which were too small, and I took hook to yarn and in short order they measured five-inches across:

two multicolor five-inch granny squares
Two granny squares nearly ready for adventure

and this time, I remember not to weave in the ends.

Buoyed by my success, I continued digging through the bag, and identified four crochet squares for a four-patch join and nine crochet squares for a nine-patch join. I got to work, and soon I had a lot of the joining done, but it was time to get ready to leave for the game:

Two round granny square arranged into a four patch and nine patch
Two future meta granny squares

So I packed up the squares in need of joining and weaving in of ends along with my crochet tools and set out for the ball park. With any luck my beloved Bulls can repeat last season’s success, but whatever the outcome, it’s time play ball.