Five new crochet squares for Project Amigo

As I sort though the various unfinished crochet bits in my life and ply my crochet hook with the nearest available yarn in order to create something useable from something forgotten, I realize that one day that I will run out of things to rehab, but today was not that day.

Building on previous efforts, I started by using a worsted weight cherry red to fill out the small granny square crocheted from a cornmeal. I love the way that the contrasting yarns make the crochet rosettes pop, and as I work on it, I can imagine that one day, I might just honor this design with an entire crochet blanket.

In the meantime, however, I contented myself with rehabbing these two smaller squares into two five-inch squares:

two crochet rosette granny squares
Two more crochet rosette granny squares

Rather than take the time to weave in the ends, I grabbed new crochet bits and different color yarn, and crocheted while the hook was hot.

In seemingly no time, I had two more five-inch crochet squares in my march toward a thousand:

two four patch crochet squares
Two rehabbed five-inch crochet squares

At which point I paused briefly to get a photo of the four five-inch squares in a group photo:

four five-inch crochet squares
Four new five-inch crochet squares

Success, can be contagious, so I continued forward and put a single crochet border around this previously 5.5″ square and rehabbed it so that it measured six inches and was ready for adventure:

three crochet rectangles made into a six-inch crochet square
A six-inch rehabbed crochet square for Project Amigo

Then, just to see how the colors did or did not work together, I took another group photo:

five crochet squares rehabbed and ready for adventure
Five new crochet squares for Project Amigo

Satisfied with my progress, I paused to find a square that I could rehab to 20cm x 20cm so that I can make a contribution to the quest to assemble the World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket. I have already made a crochet square in honor of my maternal grandmother, and I was looking for something suitable to honor my paternal grandmother, and I found this:

preparing a crochet square remnant to be rehabbed
A square to rehab for the world’s biggest crochet blanket

which began it’s life as part of a crochet blanket meant to honor her, but which ended up not quite working out.

So, as always, there is still more work to be done, and I will continue moving forward one stitch at a time.

2 thoughts on “Five new crochet squares for Project Amigo

  1. Really? Can you really imagine a world without unfinished projects?!
    The bins & boxes in my life ask me “who are you kidding?!”
    Such a wealth of yarny goodness we have!

  2. I was inspired by you to start turning my odds and ends into squares for Project Amigo and other charities. After several marathon, brain numbing projects, it’s nice to be able to hit the “done” bell so frequently, and to watch the towers of squares rise, all while knowing the squares will join by someone else’s hands to make something lovely for someone who may need it. Thanks for the excellent tip! Will you really send off a thousand squares? I bet I have that much stash to hook down…

    How often do you ship your squares off? Do you wait until you have a blanket’s worth, or enough to fill a box or an envelope? Some of my squares are one-off color, stitch or both exercises, or design experiments, and I imagine them joining with someone else’s experiments to combine into happy harmony in a blanket. But I’ve been playing around with waffle stitch squares, and they seem like they should all hang together, so that they’ll make one big waffley blanket. My instincts are to send the more random squares along intermittently as they pile up, but to send the ones I’m considering to be all part of one blanket as a discrete collection. Any thoughts?

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