A crochet holding pattern

At the moment, I feel as though I am in something of a holding pattern, and while I am in that holding pattern, I am working my way through my many assorted yarn bits — like this two-round granny square —

A two round granny square
A two-round granny square in need of rehab

and turning them into five-inch, six-inch or seven-inch squares through a process I call “crochet rehab.” The five and six-inch crochet squares have gone (and are going) to Colima, Mexico, after a side trip from my home to Connecticut. The seven-inch squares remain with me as part of a personal collection that I will one day make into a blanket of some kind.

Because of its size, the above documented two-round granny squares was an excellent candidate to undergo crochet rehab to become a five-inch granny square. It took a little bit of doing, but in relatively short order it was done:

a two round granny square rehabbed to a five-inch crochet square
The rehabbed five-inch granny square

Which left me ready to move onto “the next thing,” which in this case was a crochet square that I had originally made for my still-to-be-completed 2015-2017 state fair project. It ended up being too small for that project, but it is almost “just right” for the World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket” project (you can read about that here)

a crochet circle squared off and made into a crochet square
A crochet square ready to be rehabbed for the World’s Biggest Crochet Blanket

What you don’t see in the above photo is the work I did to get it to this point. I removed a failed embroidery motif and wove in ends, and while it doesn’t yet measure the 20 x 20 cm for the designated project, it is ready to have a round or two added to bring it to the needed size as well as have some embroidery added to the surface to trick it out for it’s Transatlantic adventure.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of squares to be rehabbed, so using my bent-tipped Clover yarn needle I got to working and joined these nine one-round granny squares:

a nine patch of one round granny squares
A nine-patch of one-round granny squares in the process of being rehabbed

and finished joining these nine crochet squares:

a nine patch of two round granny squares
A nine-patch granny square undergoing rehab

I don’t know exactly what crochet adventures tomorrow will bring, but I will continue to move forward one stitch at a time.