Squares, squares, and more (crochet) squares

In a recent blog post, I mused that one day I might run out of crochet bits to be rehabbed into crochet squares. A crochet peep of many years whose insights and work I much admire asked me the following:

Can you really imagine a world without unfinished projects?!

In moments when I am honest with myself, I have to say, “No. No I cannot.”

This truth seemed to be borne out over the past couple of days as I worked on the task of rehabbing the many crochet bits I have into usable crochet squares.

Tuesday morning I had gone to one of the storage units we filled in our transition from a larger home to a smaller one, and I had found a bag filled with even more crochet pieces that were suitable candidates for crochet rehab.

So yesterday — as I prepared to go watch what would be the last at-home game the Durham Bulls would play before hitting the road for eight days — I went through the assorted pieces as I prepared to spend an evening at the ballpark.

I also selected an assortment of crochet pieces that either needed the ends to be woven in or to be joined into squares. After careful deliberation, I settled on this assortment:

more than thirty crochet remnants ready to become nine rehabbed crochet squares and granny squares
Nine future rehabbed crochet squares

It include a lot of ends to be woven in as well as a lot of small squares to be joined, and while I did manage to get a few squared joined during the game, most of my efforts focused on finishing one final round of the center light blue granny square, and weaving in the myriad ends of dozens of squares that I had joined:

crochet remnants with some seams joined and ends woven in on their way to be rehabbed into five and six inch crochet squares
Nine future rehabbed crochet squares begin to take shape

Today, as I reviewed my work and plotted a future crochet course, I rearranged the metaphorical crochet deck chairs and included some of the previous squares that were not quite finished, and added a few that I had taken out of storage:

A collection of crochet remnants to be made into five inch crochet squares
More crochet squares to be rehabbed

It is becoming clear to me that my friend is probably right; I probably won’t ever run out of crochets to rehab, but in the meantime, I will make my best effort to rehab what I can moving forward one stitch at a time.

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  1. Hi Miss Leslie! How do you end up with so many little bits and pieces of unfinished crochet works? Remarkable!
    I enjoy your crochet blog!

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