Put a cookie on it: redux

My regular readers might recall that in late March, when I was working on the cookie-dough-ku:

crochet cookie sudoku
The completed crochet cookie dough ku with border

I found myself needing to stoe the “solving cookie.” Inspired by an episode of Portlandia, I settled on a tote decorated with cookies that I call the “put a cookie on it” tote:

crochet cookie tote
The put a cookie on it crochet tote

I have, of late, been making chemo caps for the sister of a friend, and this past Friday, when I was at the post office sending off what I had made so far, I got the idea of making a cookie festooned prayer shawl with a matching cloche, and I thought that the cookies from the tote would be perfect.

But first, I needed to figure out what stitch to use for the shawl.

When appliqueing (as I often do) you need a fairly solid base to attach the decorative elements, but when making a shawl, you also want something with drape.

After some consideration, I decided on a back-loop-only single crochet worked from right to left with out turning (or left to right without turning for those who crochet left-handed).

In addition to providing a stable but supple base, it is also creates a good start toward a fringe finish at either end of the shawl.

Here is a detail of the stitch pattern:

crochet shawl detail of a single crochet worked from left to right through the back loop only
A detail of a black loop only sc swatch worked from right to left without turning

and here is an overview of the shawl thus far:

The future cookie crochet prayer shawl
The future cookie crochet prayer shawl

And, since one of my goals this summer it to get more of the patterns written for my designs, this will be an excellent opportunity for me to revisit the cookies and make sure I have a pattern from which others can work.

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  1. What a yummy idea of a project!!! Today was a miraculous day here on my little Isle and this post has confirmed there are miracles everywhere today!!!!

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