Put a cookie on it

When I was a child, my parents and I spent more than one summer vacation driving from our home in the Central Valley of California to visit family friends in Portland, Oregon.

The trips were long, arduous, and exciting in the way that only road trips can be.

My father was a compulsive driver who packed the car so that he would have to make as few stops as were humanly possible en route to our destination. Sandwiches, coffee, and water were packed, along with pillows and blankets and books.

“Pit stops,” as he liked to call them would be made, but the need had to be urgent, there were to be as few of them as possible, and ideally, the car would be refueled as well.

By the time we arrived in Portland, I was ready to stretch my legs and play with my once-a-year friends until it was time to go home

I have only fond memories of Portland, so when I stumbled across the show, Portlandia, I was curious to see how my long ago memories stacked up against this modern, satiric look at “The City of Roses.”

While I have enjoyed all of the episodes I have seen so far (I mete them out sparingly like a box of Godiva chocolates, only watching when I can give my full attention and view all 22 minutes without interruption).

Episode 2 of season 1, “A song for Portland” opens with this:

I felt that the my future cookie bag was, like the “sad little tote bag” in the vignette:

crochet bag, crochet tote
A sideview of the crochet cookie bag

but instead of a bird, I decided to put a cookie on it (well, a cookie times 15).

Here is the result:

crochet cookie tote
The put a cookie on it crochet tote

In addition to putting cookies on the tote this weekend, I also worked on finishing the solving cookies for the cookie-dough-ku.

Here is my progress as of sunset this evening:

crochet cookie bar graph
The crochet cookie bar graph as of March 24, 2013

and here is an overview of how they fit into the cookie bag:

crochet cookies in a crochet bag
A crochet bag with crochet cookies

When I began this project, I did not see all of the places that it would take me, but the adventure continues, one stitch at a time, and I know that one day (maybe even a day this week), I will finish this project, and it will be time once again to move forward to whatever adventure is next.


4 thoughts on “Put a cookie on it

  1. Oh my word! I am going to have to check out Portlandia! The world definitely needs some cookies put on it!

  2. My Mom used to have a cooky jar with cookies on it like your cookie bag! brought back memories! How clever the cookie dough ku- i love sudoku too.

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