Road testing a “new crocheter’s” granny square afghan pattern

Because a girl can never have too many unfinished projects, I started a new one today. I had too many disparate errands, and none of my current projects would fit easily into my traveling project bag:

crochet squares bag
My traveling crochet bag

I always keep something in it, so that when I find myself away from home waiting, I have something to keep my a hands and my mind occupied. Of late, however, I have been working on completing projects that have gotten too large for my traveling bag, so I was delighted to find this project:

Quadrant Blanket at

It is a triple purpose project:

One, I can road test the directions to find out if it is truly a new crocheter project.

Two, it fits in my bag dedicated to traveling crochet projects, and I am in desperate need of something to get me through two days of errands.

Three, I can give the finished blanket to my mother who can then give it to her neighbor who is soon to be a first-time grandmother.

It is not often that a project is able to meet a trifecta of needs such as I have described.

After reading through the directions, it was clear that the pattern was new crocheter friendly. I was unable to find any errors, and the pattern itself was written to conform to the standard pattern writing criteria.

There were also no important details left out. I had particularly admired the flatness of the seams. The directions clearly stated how it was accomplished (right sides together, slip stitch through the back loops only). The cost of this pattern (free) is quite a bargain when I consider how much I have paid for some books that were riddled with errors.

As for item two on my list, today was day one of two days of endless errands, and I managed to finish the four centers of the four squares and weave in the ends:

four crochet granny squares
Four 7-round granny squares

My hope is that tomorrow I am able to finish the last six rounds of each square, and spend a more leisurely, less errand filled Friday joining the squares, crocheting the border, weaving in any ends, and blocking it.

Then, I will have completed all three items on the list.

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  1. love the bag! i’m looking for a pattern for a project bag like this. Do you happen to have the pattern for your travel bag?

    Thanks! 🙂

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