Setting out for California

Tomorrow, my youngest son and I are setting out to California to see his oldest brother for a long overdue visit.

To that end, I have spent almost all of this weekend’s crochet time planning and preparing for our upcoming travels, trying to choose projects that will travel well and which I have some chance of finishing before our return so that while the disorder and entropy of our clothes increases, the chaos of the project will abate.

To that end, when I wasn’t doing laundry or attempting to clean up one of the assorted messes that needed to be attended to before our departure, I resumed work on the Sunshine and Shadow baby blanket that I began many years ago as a gift to be given to a baby who is now ready to enter the third grade. I ended up making a simpler, less time and end intensive blanket, but the pieces of this one remained.

Here is a photo of my progress shortly before sunset:

Setting out for California with sunshine and shadow
Setting out for California with sunshine and shadow

It should be (with just a little more effort on my part) perfect for travel, and while I don’t know if I will finish this project on this party particular journey, I am going to try.

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