Space Camp road trip 2015

Yesterday, my youngest son and I (with my mom along to supervise this year) set out for Huntsville, Alabama, for our annual trek to Space Camp:

space camp huntsville, alabama
Space camp 2015

We arrived shortly after noon, and within 20 minutes of our arrival, my son was ready to say good-bye, and with that, my mom and I got back in the car and headed north toward Edwardsville, Illinois.

I usually come to Edwardsville for the family farm celebration known as Buchtafest, but this year, the scheduled reunion took place during a very brief window of time after the distribution of my youngest son’s high school graduation tickets and before the graduation itself, so instead of trying to sandwich in the reunion, I decided to take a more leisurely trip and come to visit while my son is busy with his various missions.

The trip from Huntsville to Edwardsville is not that long in terms of total driving time, but in an effort to make certain that my mother’s joints did not seize along the way, we made plenty of stops so that she could stretch her legs, and just as the sun was about to completely disappear from the sky for the day, we found ourselves in front of Knit One, Weave Too, Edwardsville’s premier (and crochet friendly) yarn shop:

Edwardsville, Illinois
Knit One, Weave Too at dusk

While most of my time since I finished my first granny square basket has been spent getting ready for this trip and then driving, I did manage to get a start on a second basket, this time working with a palette that could best be described as “a riot of neutrals”:

granny square crochet basket
The start of another granny square basket

I haven’t yet gotten a chance to inspect my work so far in daylight, so I don’t know if I will want to frog anything or not, but these browns and grays will certainly force me to think in unfamiliar ways, and who knows where that will lead me.

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  1. Believing there what are referred to as coincidences ~ are in fact miraculous gifts of discovering self ~ And here we are working in palettes not familiar or go to in any manner as I find myself taking notice of and reaching for hues far beyond my wheelhouse!
    Enjoying from this place of Just allowing!!

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