Spring fever

After yesterday’s gray weather, I found myself wanting to work with a more varied palette than yesterday’s parade of blues, so I turned to Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares for inspiration.

As my regular readers know, this is the book that is being used for a crochet-a-long I am involved in and for which I am many weeks in arrears.

Being as many weeks behind as I am on this project, I still have quite an array of squares from which to choose when I do work on it, and today I started with square 9. With just four rounds, it seemed like it would be quick to complete which in turn, would generate some finishing mojo.

So with my 5.0 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink for round one, lavender for rounds two and three, and coffee for the fourth, final, and framing round, I was able to quickly dispatch this square:

Modest variation on a crochet granny square
Square 9

Having finished the square so quickly, I was ready for the challenge of the larger, more crochet intensive square 83. I had been ruminating on the color choices for this square for several weeks, and finally decided to try using a variegated yarn for the central flower as is depicted in the photo that illustrates the book.

Using Red Heart Super Saver Monet, I made the central flower. Then, using the multi-color coordinate list I selected the pale yellow for the background, and lavender for the final round:

Crochet granny square with large crochet flower appliqué
Square 83

I’m not entirely certain that the variegated yarn is the best choice for the flower as I think some of the details are lost in the color changes. If I were going to make this square a second time, I would probably make the flower in the pale yellow, use the Monet for the background, and then work the final round in lavender.

But there was no time for rumination or regret, so I plowed forward to square 44, a delightful little charmer that has, as it’s central piece, a four-by-four mesh grid:

Crochet granny square with filet crochet center
Square 44

I love this square, and while I have no idea what sort of a project I would use it in, it is one that I will definitely make again.

And here are the squares, just hanging out together, waiting to see what they will become.

Three assorted crochet squares
The day’s squares assembled for a group photo

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  1. Hi there. I crocheted all 101 of these squares and blogged about each one. Jean Leinhauser left a comment on my blog. So sad that she passed on in life. Such an amazing talent.

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