Square 16

Today marks a week since Jean Leinhauser, crocheter extraordinaire, unexpectedly left us.

This Monday, however, just as has happened each Monday since the start of 2011, a new square for the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long at Ravelry was announced.

Today, I tackled Square 16, the one assigned for the current week. Using a 5.0 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver lavender, I made the center of the square:

The round crochet center of a future crochet square
The center of square 16

The center has two unusual features.

First, and readily visible, are the eight ch-6 loops that form the foundation for the petals that follow in round 2.

The second unusual feature is not readily visible, but is what keeps the loops and stitches together. After working a double crochet and making the 6 chains that will form the loop, a slip stitch is then made in the side of the double crochet from which the chain-6 loop emanates. This holds the double crochet stitches together in a circle, creating loops without creating gaping holes.

Once I finished round 1, I got out the shocking pink and worked the petals of round 2:

A crochet flower at the center of a crochet square
Square 16 with the petals added to the central motif

Then, after the petals were completed, I departed from the example in the book and worked all four of the remaining in the same color, as I felt this gave the square a more unified look:

Crochet square with a crochet flower center
Square 16

Whenever I work a crochet pattern, I learn something, and this square was no exception, and while Jean Leinhauser is no longer with us, her work continues, stitch by stitch, square by square, and project by project. Through the many of us who use her patterns, her work will live on.