Square 98

This morning brought the start of a new week and with it a new square in a crochet-a-long in which I am participating.

Using Jean Leinhauser’s book, 101 Crochet Squares, the crochet-a-long proceeds at the pace of one square per week. Currently, I am about six weeks behind, and while I am not trying to catch up at this point, I am doing my best not to fall further behind, and with that in mind, I selected one of the seven squares from which I had to choose this morning and settled on Square 98.

For this particular motif, I selected a 4.5 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver medium purple. Here is the resulting square first turned one way:

lacy crochet square
Crochet Square 98

and then another:

lacy crochet square
Another view of crochet Square 98

I think the second orientation pictured better highlights the charms of this motif, and if I were to make an afghan using this motif, I would definitely place it as it is in the second photo and make a blanket with a sawtooth edge, a design element that I tend to favor anyway.

As for Square 98 itself, it was a relatively quick, and very satisfying motif to work, and except for one small error in the printed directions (Round 5 refers to the ch-4 spaces of round 4 as ch-3 spaces), the instructions were flawless.

I am hoping that the low aggravation and high satisfaction of this motif carries through my entire crochet week.

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    1. I think the 45º turn really gives it a certain oomph that I just love.

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