Square G-1

I am nearing completion of the 12 central squares of the Granny Square Sampler Afghan, and I was delighted that the square I was working on today, Square G-1, was completed pretty much without incident or correction.

The only change I had to make to the pattern was round 10 which states: Attach eighth color and rep directions as for rnd 7.

The only problem with this is that round 9 (unlike round 6) consists individual double crochet stitches so the directions to work “between each dc group along all edges” doesn’t work.

What I did instead was the following:

Round 10: Attach new color in any ch-3 corner sp, work *(3dc, ch 3, 3dc), sk 2dc, 3dc in next dc, [sk 1 dc, work 3dc in next dc] repeat from [ to ] six times more, sk 2 dc repeat from * 3 times more. Join with sl st to first dc made and finish off.

The resulting square looks like this:

multicolor crochet granny square g-1
Crochet Square G-1

I also think that an afghan composed of a square made from just the first 7 rounds of this square would be absolutely awesome, and I will try it at some point after I finish this piece.

Eleven squares down, 28 to go!