Square B-4

After having had the pattern for the Granny Square Sampler Afghan in a book on a shelf in my home for 12 years, today I made the 10th of the 12 central squares. Specifically, I found myself working on the granny square known as “Square B-4.”

Armed with my trusty 4.5 mm Etimo crochet hook that has seen me through this project thus far, I sat down with “The Book” and the usual assortment of yarns by my side. I turned to page 89, consulted the graph, and determined that the Square du jour was B-4.

The directions for Square B-4 read: (1 star motif with 9 rnds). Follow same directions as for pattern B-3.

The Directions for B-3 read: (1 star motif with 9 rnds): Follow same directions as for pattern B-1, using a different color combination and working last round with navy.

It was with some trepidation that I read the directions for Square B-1, but as it happened, the only difference between the square depicted and the directions was that round 8 of square B-1 was omitted, and round 10 of B-1 was double crochet rather than the half-double crochet described in the directions.

I was a worried about this square because I didn’t think I would be able to figure it out if the directions were not correct. Fortunately, the directions were mostly correct, and I was able to make a square that fit well.

This was the result I got:

Crochets square B-4 with a crochet star in the center
Crochet Square B-4

Ten squares down, 29 to go.