Squares A-1, A-2, A-4, A-5, & A-6

My crochet day was not all that different from the part of my day that was not crochet. It began with high hopes and many tasks to be completed, including the aforementioned squares: A-1, A-2, A-4, A-5, & A-6.

As it was, I got a lot done, but finished almost nothing.

In my grand plan for what would happen in my life today, I was going to finish all of the above listed squares and crochet the third round of the border of the central twelve squares.

Reality intruded on my life, and instead, I got nothing done on the border, didn’t even begin the eight-round granny square that will be A-1, finished only two of the four squares needed for A-2 as a result of being wracked by indecision with regard to which colors to use for four three-round squares, inadvertently finished A-4 when I added a 6th and 7th round to a square which didn’t please me as a five-round granny square that was slated to be half of Square A-6, and I only got half of A-5 done because I decided to add a fifth round to one of the squares to work out what looked to me like a color error.

Now it is the end of the day. Square A-1 is still a non-starter, A-2 and A-5 are in medias res, and to my own delight and surprise, A-4 and A-6 are finished.

These are photos of some of what I was able to get done while there was still daylight:

Half of the future crochet Square A-2
Half of the future crochet Square A-2

seven round multicolor crochet granny square
Crochet Square A-4

Five round multicolor crochet granny square
Half of what will become crochet Square A-6

Now, despite my efforts to fit more into it, the day is done as well.