Weaving in Ends

I did not get as much crochet done today as I would have liked, but I did manage to finish my refrigerator cleaning project along with Square A-2 of the Granny Square Sampler Afghan, and with my refrigerator finally clean, and the crochet portion of Square A-2 completed, I could no longer ignore the fact that I needed to be weaving in ends.

I have no pictures of the refrigerator (imperfect or otherwise), but I do have a picture of Square A-2 after I had finished weaving in the ends.

The light is not good as I did not take the picture until well after the sun had set, but since my work in crochet is guided by color, it is a reasonable, if not entirely engaging, representation of the square I wrestled with for far too long:

Crochet Square A-2 after joining seams and weaving in ends
Crochet Square A-2 after joining seams and weaving in ends

This time the wrestling was not as the result of any error in the directions (it is a basic 3-chain corner with no other chains anywhere in the square outside of the starting ring); this time the wrestling was the result of my dissatisfaction with how to arrange the four three-round squares. What colors could be repeated and where. What color would be used to go around all four squares. There were several false starts, several squares that ended up with even more rounds to be used in other squares. But, like my refrigerator, I am now done with it for the day

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  1. I don’t seem to be able to limit myself to four colors, although I suppose I could try.

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