Stash down challenge 2011: Day 12

For the second night in a row, the newest member of our household, a puppy named Clooney, let us sleep through the night, so I awoke this morning feeling much more refreshed than I had on Thursday of this week, and after a couple of cups of coffee, I was ready to get busy with my crochet.

The first project I worked on was a large version of Alice Merlino’s Starling Handbag. Using two of five skeins of a yellow heavy rug yarn, I finished 16 of the 38 rounds for the side of the handbag. Here is an interior view:

yellow crochet tote
An view of the interior of a large Starling crochet handbag to-be

and here is a view of the side:

yellow crochet tote
A side view of a bright yellow Starling crochet handbag to-be

One challenge I am encountering is that I don’t have enough of the yellow yarn to make it all one color. I am going to have to sort through some of the other colors of rug yarn that I got in the stash acquisition and decide how I will address this challenge. I have a lot of options, but as this is being made from vintage stash, going out and buying more of the same yarn in the same dyelot is not one of them.

Having decided that I wanted time to consider what I would do next, I then got out my ketjusilmukkahuivi (scarf) project and added three rows before sunset:

My ketjusilmukkahuivi (crochet scarf) twelve rows in on 2011: day 8
My ketjusilmukkahuivi (crochet scarf) twelve rows in on 2011: day 8

Here is a detail of the scarf:

crochet scarf crochet shawl
A detail of my ketjusilmukkahuivi (crochet scarf)

While I am not ready to start yet another project, I found myself contemplating possible uses for this skein of vintage Red Heart lavender yarn:

lavender vintage yarn
Vintage Red Heart Wintuk hand knitting yarn

This lavender of yesterday is a lighter lavender than what is offered today:

two lavender yarns
The modern Red Heart Lavender paired with the Red Heart lavender of yore

The photo is a reasonably accurate representation of the two lavenders, and from the photo, it is clear that the fashion and expectations around color change with time. The new lavender is both bluer and more intense, while the vintage lavender has a touch more red and flirts with being pastel.

I don’t have a clear idea where this month’s crochet adventure will end up leading me, but so far the journey has taken me places in my crochet I didn’t know to go.

5 thoughts on “Stash down challenge 2011: Day 12

  1. Being a bit older than you; I swooned a little when I read ‘Red Heart Wintuk I suppose that happens when one is of a certain age and nearly no one you spend time with remembers the things you do and or most fail to have an understanding of your references.. I loved seeing that ~ thanx 🙂

  2. I’m only 43 and I recall using Wintuk when I first started hooking 25 yrs ago. Hehehe… does that mean, I’m now “of a certain age?”

  3. Hey, I’m 33 and I remember Woolworth’s!
    Glad Clooney is letting y’all get some uninterrupted sleep, it’s so nice!

  4. I’m still working on a little stash of wintuk that I inherited from my great aunt. Mine is blue, pink and white. Although I’m certainly “of a certain age” and can remember when you could actually go into the store and buy it for 97 cents per skein.

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