Stash down challenge 2011: Day 13

I didn’t always think of 13 as a lucky number, but given that my two older children were both born on the thirteenth of their respective birth months, I came to view thirteen in a different light, and today thirteen certainly proved lucky enough for me, and so on day 13 of the “Stash Down Challenge 2011,” I hoped to make better than average progress.

After a busier than usual Sunday morning, I stopped to grab a cup of coffee and a snack before getting my son to a trumpet lesson. The lesson had originally been scheduled for Thursday, but that had conflicted with an afterschool club meeting. Between my son’s and the trumpet teacher’s dueling schedules, the options were fairly slim, but after a half-dozen or so emails, we finally worked out a time.

While I spent most of my time at the lesson working on the ketjusilmukkahuivi scarf that has got my attention, I also took a moment to thumb through this book which was within easy reach of the trumpet mom chair:

fashions for women crochet book
Crochet Fashions for Women

While I had thumbed through this tome before, I had forgotten it contained a pattern for this bag:

crochet flower bag
The crochet flower bag I now have to make

I had no interest in making the bag from the recommended jute, but I did think it might just be the perfect crafting vehicle for this wool yarn from the stash I recently purchased from the trumpet teacher:

antique gold vintage yarn
Two skeins of antique gold wool vintage yarn

My idea is to use an 8.0mm hook to crochet this wool and another light gray wool that came in the collection, dye the pieces with Kool-Aid as needed, assemble the pieces, and then felt.

That way the project makes use of the materials and patterns of the time with a twist of the modern sensibility incorporated into the final product.

As for the scarf that I spent most of my time on, I am finished with all of the crochet:

crochet scarf crochet shawl
The ketjusilmukkahuivi nears completion

Now all that’s left to do is weave in a few dozen ends:

crochet scarf crochet shawl spiral
The ketjusilmukkahuivi in a spiral

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