Stash down challenge 2012: Day 14

I am now one fortnight into my 2012 stash down challenge, and I am wondering what, if anything, I will get done in the sixteen days that remain.

So far, my only completed project is this fat bag:

A multicolor, fabric lined granny square fat bag
The granny square crochet fat bag in its natural habitat

Most of the other things I have been doing with my stash don’t make for riveting blog posts. I have been tying short scraps of yarn end to end by the hundreds, winding partial skeins of yarn into balls which then more easily fit into one of my many stash bags, and collecting notes that were jotted down during the making of some other project and attempting to render them into coherent patterns.

Today, started as many of the others have: with an African flower hexagon:

An African flower crochet hexagon with a purple border
The seventh African flower crochet hexagon

I discovered the joy of this motif when I was trying to amuse myself at an interminable meeting, and every time I make one, I am transported back to that moment of joy and discovery I found in the midst of an otherwise untenable meeting, and today, I finished the seventh of my series of meditative hexagons, and the hexagon that began this series is now surrounded by six-sided crochet compatriots:

Seven African flower crochet hexagons joined with a whipstitch
Seven African flower crochet hexagons

With progress on my African flower meditation made, I resisted the temptation to spend the entire day making African flower hexagons, and instead turned my attention to a bag that has been languishing for a year now.

Using Alice Merlino’s much beloved Starling Handbag pattern, I am making one out of the rug yarn that was in a massive stash purchase I made last year.

Once I was able to wrest my attention away from the hexagons, I was able to make measurable progress on the bag.

Here is how the bag looked on Monday shortly before sunset:

A yellow crochet purse with red and blue accents
I make progress on the large Starling crochet bag I began last November

Here is how looked today after I had completed three additional rows:

A yellow crochet purse with red and blue accents
One of the exterior sides of the crochet Starling handbag

and here is the progress when viewed from the other side:

A yellow crochet purse with red and blue accents
The other exterior side of the crochet Starling handbag

The most dramatic change, however, was in the interior. Here is how it appeared last Monday shortly before sunset:

An overview of a crochet project with yarn bobbins the have tangled
An overview of the large Starling bag I began last November with a tangle of red, blue, and yellow yarn

and here is how it looked today after I had woven in many of the ends and was ready to set it aside:

An overview of the same crochet purse after the yarn tangle was brought to order
Interior view of the large crochet Starling handbag

This month seems to be devoid of any kind of crochet rhythm or mojo, but my hope is that by continuing to make one stitch and then another, at the end of the month I will find that I have had yet another interesting and successful crochet adventure.

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  1. One step at a time. one stitch at a time, that’s how giant leaps of progress are achieved not only in our fiber crafts, but also in life.

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