Stash down challenge 2012: Day 21

Because of non-crochet related obligations, I got a late start on my crochet day, but however late, and however brief, it was both worthwhile and productive.

First up was my African flower motif meditation.

While I wondered (after I was done) if I should have reversed the blue and the yellow, there was no time to indulge any indecision I might have felt:

an African flower crochet hexagon with a brown fleck border
The fourteenth African flower crochet hexagon

so I simply ignored the niggling doubts and joined this fourteenth hexagon to the thirteen already assembled hexagons:

fourteen African flower crochet hexagons joined with a whipstitch
A fortnight’s worth of African flower crochet mediations

Once the hexagon was in place and the ends woven in, I was more than satisfied, and I decided to move on to and forward with a stash down challenge project I had originally expected to get done last year.

Mixed in with the many skeins of acrylic yarn in my late October 2011 stash purchase were these three skeins of vintage Red Heart knitting worsted in a colorway called “sherbert mix”

vintage red heart wool knitting worsted
Two skeins of vintage virgin wool Red Heart knitting worsted

The yarn is so vintage it is actually 100% virgin wool.

When I first saw this yarn and read the fiber content on the label, I thought it would be the perfect vehicle for a felted version of the world renowned Samanta’s Fat Bag.

Using a 6.5 mm hook, and my dedicated page of notes devoted to my first effort to make this bag (So you want to make Samanta’s Fat Bag?), I got to work, and while I did not make a huge amount of progress, I did at least get this far:

The first thirteen rows of a crochet fat bag
The beginning of a future felted Samanta’s fat bag

With each stitch I get done, the more perfect I think the yarn is for this bag.

I can hardly wait until Sunday by which time I hope to have all of the crocheting done and ends woven in so that I can put the balmy-for-November weather to good use and spend the afternoon out on my back deck felting this bag to see how closely the end result comes to my vision.