The camouflage circle jacket is in the mail

I finally got it done today:

crochet circle
Camouflage crochet circle jacket

Using the Drops Design pattern for this circle jacket, two strands of Red Heart Super Saver camouflage yarn, and a K hook, I made this for a friend so that he could better channel his inner crochet diva.

In finishing this project, I found that my beloved Clover bent-tipped needles along with my recently purchased HÜGlight made the weaving in of ends much easier than it would otherwise have been. The bent tipped needles made the actual weaving in easy to do, while the HÜGlight made it easy to see. Not an unremarkable feat given that the purpose of camouflage is to visually conceal that which is in front of us.

Once the ends were woven in, I added a manly fringe using a finish that I had seen used to good effect in a crochet class I was in this past Sunday. Taught by Rita de Maintenon, the class explored both heritage crochet techniques and ways to give a completed project a finished look. To that end, I added a fringe composed of chains as can be seen here:

Manly crochet fringe
Manly crochet fringe

Once I had finished adding the promised fringe, I found myself stymied as to what to use for a closure. The original pattern called for two one-inch buttons with a crocheted cover for each, but I since I had used two strands of yarn, the jacket was much heavier and much less pliable. Under the circumstances, I didn’t think that the buttons I had at my disposal would be sufficient.

With just forty-five minutes to arrive at and implement a solution, I decided that I would get out my Clover pom-pom maker set and try to make a pom pom that could be used as the end of a tie.

Happily for me, my first effort went more smoothly than I had expected, and in short order I had completed two pom poms to be used to adorn the ends of two crocheted ties that were attached to the body of the jacket.

Here is a photo of the result:

crochet circle jacket pom poms
Pom pom ties for the camouflage crochet circle jacket

After wrestling with this jacket and the details of its construction, I am very happy that I was able to get it packed up and sent of in what should be, plenty of time for Halloween.

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    1. I had planned all along to do the fringe; the pom poms were a last minute inspiration born of not having the right size buttons.

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