The continuum of life

Sometimes life gets in the way of living, and the past few days that is where I find myself on the continuum of life.

It is spring, and each spring seems to bring with it a fresh batch of pollen and a newly minted mile long list of “things that must be done last week,” and I am having to push myself to attend to the things that are “necessary,” all the while wondering how to reorganize my life so that the things I prefer to do are more of a necessity and less of a “nice to have.”

But, I haven’t figured out how to organize my life, let alone reorganize it, so in the meantime, I am bumping along as best I can, and after completing the things that felt like necessities, I was finally able to sit down with my crochet hooks, the remnants I am remediating, and a serviceable stash within arm’s reach.

In a pleasant surprise, the two-round boho crochet hearts have been much easier to rehab than I had anticipated, and I found it difficult to resist the temptation to go off in search of more of them to rehab while the particulars are fresh in my mind.

Instead, I made copious and what I hope are accurate notes that I can refer to the next time I encounter more of the two-round remnants. And now that the squares are in the rearview mirror to some degree, I also realize it would have been helpful to document the first round of the rehab, but either which way, the mysterious, “I have no idea where it came from” two-round crochet heart remnant is now fully rehabbed:

The seventeenth crochet remnant
The seventeenth crochet remnant

and is waiting on the sixteen other remnants I am working on to be finished:

Former crochet remnants ready for the next round of rehab
Former crochet remnants ready for the next round of rehab

I don’t know that I will ever get my life organized, let alone “reorganized,” but I will do my best starting with the the remnants to be rehabbed and moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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  1. It’s the everyday “must do’s” that get in the way of the “want to do’s” for me! I know the feeling!

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