The final three

While the Blue Devils, Badgers, Wildcats, and Spartans prepare for the Final Four this Saturday, I spent my time working on the final three squares I needed for my granny square bag-to-be.

Crocheting the equivalent of four or five squares for each square finished, I finally got the last three squares done:

three crochet squares
The final three granny squares

and then made sure they coordinated with the other thirteen:

crochet squares granny squares
Sixteen five-round crochet squares for my granny square bag

I was, for the most part, satisfied, but with all of the ends that needed to be woven in, it was kind of hard to tell, so I got out my beloved Clover bent-tipped yarn needle and got to work.

Initially, my efforts were halting, and in the time between when I finally finished the last square, and when I had to walk the dog before dinner, I only finished weaving in the ends of one of the ten-round squares (most of the work was already done) and four of the five-round squares:

future granny square bag
I weave in some ends for my granny square bag-to-be

Then, after walking the dog, I managed to weave in the ends of more than half of the remaining thirteen five-round squares. I was so engrossed in my weaving-in-ends progress, I failed to get a photo of it.

Despite my progress today, it is doubtful I will have the bag done by the 6:00 pm ET tip-off time for the first game of the Final Four, but maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get it done, if not during the first game, then maybe during the second.

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