The first foot

As I have been working on the scrap yarn crochet ripple blanket, I have been reminded of projects past.

In just this first foot of a blanket the yarn scraps that have passed through my hands and over my hook have reminded me of many crochet adventures.

Some of them are easier to identify than others.

A particular shade of green from one of several skeins of vintage yarn I acquired from my youngest son’s trumpet teacher is was one of the greens used in a Hilbert Curve inspired afghan I made for the 2010 North Carolina State Fair:

a hilbert curve crochet blanket made with multicolor crochet circles and crochet squares
A Hilbert Curve in crochet

Some of the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple no doubt hail from this Tetrisghan I finished in May of 2013:

a tetris inspired crochet blanket made from crochet squares
The completed Tetrisghan

And some of the more muted and moodier colors were probably from my 2012 North Carolina State Fair effort, a piece that was inspired by a photo of an Amish quilt I saw in a book I perused at one of my youngest son’s trumpet lessons:

A textured crochet blanket inspired by an Amish quilt and worked in crochet squares, crochet rectangles and crochet triangles
An overview of my 2012 state fair crochet project

So today, when I was getting ready to pack up my scrap yarn crochet ripple project, I got out the tape measure to see how far I had gotten:

The first foot of a ripple crochet blanket made with yarn scraps
The first foot of a scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan
a detail of the ripple crochet blanket made with yarn scraps tied end to end
Detail of measure the scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan

It turns out that I had managed to hit the one-foot mark which means that I still have quite a way to go before I can put this blanket to use, but here is how it looked when I took a moment to step back and look at it in full before the sunset:

An overview of the ripple crochet blanket made with yarn scraps
An overview of the scrap yarn crochet ripple afghan

Each crochet project is a journey all its own. This project, however, will not only be its own adventure it will have the memories of projects past worked into each stitch.

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4 thoughts on “The first foot

  1. Looks great & I love the incorporation of your past projects 🙂 meaningful on so many levels

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the memories that come up when using scrap yarn. I have balls that I wrapped, sitting in my closet that I will lovingly pat from time to time and remember the project they made. Glad to see I’m not the only one that walks down memory lane hand in hand with yarn.

  3. I love this so much!!!!!
    Mine were I to make one would not look at all as joyful as yours….. my colors are so not as bright!!
    mostly muted tones and a few variegated shades….. Just so celebratory and exceptional ~ Its so pleasing to the eye!!! <3

  4. Wow- these are beautiful. I particularly love the quilt interpretation, though I find the Hilbert Curve-ghan inspiring, and the tetris patterning very pleasing, too.

    Do you make a blanket for the state fair every year?

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