The inverse-crochet law

Physics has its inverse-square law, which according to wikipedia is: any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.

It seems to me that crochet has its own inverse-law where the amount of time one has for crochet is inversely proportional to the degree to which on feels a need to crochet.

Such was the case for me today.

My son and I woke up in Chattanooga, and despite having budgeted enough time to stop by the MoonPie General Store, we had neglected to check the Sunday hours, and if it was open at all, it was well after we needed to leave town.

Through the rain and drizzle we made our way to Huntsville, arrived with enough time to do some last minute shopping before checking in. With his bed selected and made up and his stuff put away in his locker, we then went out in search of lunch.

By the time we got back to the Space Center, it was nearly time for his trainee orientation, and after a quick check to find out if there was anything new in the parent orientation, I got in the car and started to head back home.

I’m still not home, but before the day ended, I pulled out my Etimo crochet hooks:

crochet hook wallet
My Etimo crochet hook wallet

selected the 4.5 mm hook:

4.5 mm crochet hook
My 4.5 mm Tulip crochet hook

and crocheted a shocking pink jam center:

Crochet jam for the jam-centered cookie demonstrates the inverse-crochet law
Crochet jam for the jam-centered cookie demonstrates the inverse-crochet law

I still have one more adventure ahead of me before I make it all the way home, but I am looking forward to my return and setting down some roots for at least a couple of days.

2 thoughts on “The inverse-crochet law

  1. had my hooks with me as well this weekend… managed to create 2 square dishcloths!!!! As well as get an art deco mirror reattached to its vanity, 11 cup hooks for kitchen utensils hung, 2 framed collages Jordan created for her Mom before our trip to visit with her, and an antique window panel that had an underwater scene painted on the glass hung above the dining table!!! Oh yes: and a sliding door put back on its track…. hubby and I were quite busy yesterday and today… and made it home with out hitting any traffic! Hope your return home is equally as wonderful as ours was… More crochet adventures for us both…….. can’t wait to pick up my hooks tomorrow! 6 more full days and 3 half days till school is over! Sweet dreams my friend!

  2. Love reading your on-the-road adventures (complete with crochet breaks!) One of the things that I think is so lovely about crochet is its portability and the fact that it can be done almost anywhere. Loved reading about Moonpies in the linked website – had never heard of them before, being in the UK. Are you thinking of including them in the cookieghan? Safe journey home and happy uninterrupted crocheting when you get there. E x

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