The last weekend of summer 2015

This weekend as I embarked on my crochet adventures, I was conscious not only of the deadline for the North Carolina State Fair which looms larger each day, but also that summer 2015 is drawing to a close.

As I write this blog post, I have twenty-two days (less a few hours) to complete my  project for this year, and just over fifty-six hours to enjoy what little remains of the summer, and my goal is to pack as much crochet as possible into the hours that remain and enjoy whatever it is I enjoy so much about summer.

This weekend, I continued to focus on making the granny squares that will fill the rather large spaces between the crochet objects that represent some aspect of my grandmother’s life, and yesterday, I completed work on crocheting and weaving in the center end of 144 one-round granny squares that figure prominently into one panel of the project.

Here is how they looked on my front porch yesterday afternoon as they (and I) basked in what remained of the summer sun:

crochet squares granny squares
How I spent the last Saturday of summer 2015

Having done as much as I could with the one-round squares for now I moved on to determining which joining technique to use before I even had a cup of coffee. My dog Clooney was clearly confused by the change to my routine and came into my office/dining room to check on me:

dog oversees crochet and yarn
My able crochet assistant

Having ascertained that I was just fine, he then prevailed upon me for his morning perambulation, and when we returned, I went back to figuring out the particulars of how things would fit together.

By early afternoon, I was ready to once again tackle the crochet portion of the state fair project and managed to turn out a few more two-round granny squares that I will need:

crochet squares granny squares
Sunday afternoon’s twenty two-round granny squares

Each summer I set out to recreate the long languid days that I recall from my childhood, and each year time seems to move even faster than it did before.

When I get up on Wednesday morning and am greeted by the first day of autumn, I trust that I will look back fondly and with longing on the summer of 2015.

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  1. Its really coming along nicely, great job. Cant wait to see the full project. I love thats its focused on your grans life. Its lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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