The last day of summer

This morning a bird nesting near a window I had left open made sure that I did not oversleep the last day of summer, and once I had gotten up and completed all of my absolutely, positively must-be-done chores and errands, I got to work on one of the elements for my 2015 North Carolina State Fair project that I had started and then set aside.

In early August, I began work on a crochet replica of a clock that had been given to my paternal grandparents on the occasion of their marriage on St. Valentine’s Day 1923. The event is noted in this item from the Edwardsville Intelligencer:

Miss Nora Buchta and Otto Stahlhut were married at the parsonage of the Eden Evangelical Church by Rev. H. Rahn. The attendants were the parents of both bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stahlhut and Mr. and Mrs. George Buchta. The bride wore a blue suit with hat to match.

Here is a photo of the actual clock:

clock wedding gift
A wedding present circa 1923

and here is how far I had gotten with my crochet rendition of the same clock as of late yesterday evening:

crochet clock crochet template
A crochet clock in need of finishing

This morning I returned to the project, determined to get the hard parts done, and at some point in the early afternoon, I had finally achieved my goal:

crochet clock replica crochet
The almost all done crochet clock

By now, there were more errands to be run — which I did — but after they were done, I did manage to sneak in a few more squares that I will need to fill the still plentiful spaces before the last day of the 2015 crochet season arrives:

crochet squares granny squares
More granny squares

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  1. Can’t wait to see all the elements and granny squares put together. I’m still unable to imagine the finished product based on what I have seen, but love the individual pieces you have pictured.

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